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Урлагийг тууштай эрэлхийлж, цуцашгүй хичээл зүтгэлтэй Style Arts нь томоохон төслүүдэд хуримтлуулсан баялаг туршлага, нөөцөд тулгуурлан дэлхийн өнцөг булан бүрт 5,000 гаруй төрлийн урлагийн төсөл, төслийг хэрэгжүүлсэн.
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  • Шанхай дахь сэдэвчилсэн парк

  • Doha Oasis Quest Indoor Theme Park

  • Далайн цэцэгсийн арал

  • Country Garden Техасын усны ертөнц

  • Чимелонг далайн вант улсын ширэнгэн ойн галзуу хулгана

  • TCP хадны багана бүхий Жанжиажэ шилэн гүүр + 50 м Бунги гүүр + дүүжин


    Wuchuan Country Garden. Dinglong Bay is located in Wuchuan City, the coastal area of Zhanjiang, Guangdong. The whole project was built by Dinglong Group and Country Garden Group, and hired a world-class planning and design company, Atkins, to carry out the overall planning. The project covers an area of 16,000 mu. The scheme based on rendering drawing and functional requirements, adopt the advanced BIM to achieve a strict control for the whole procedure from fabrication to installation. The effect of rock work refer to the realistic pictures of Grand Canyon Colorado.
    TCP хадны багана бүхий Жанжиажэ шилэн гүүр + 50 м Бунги гүүр + дүүжин

    The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, known for its world's highest and longest scientific and technological innovation, won the Arthur Haydn Award from the 35th International Bridge Conference.

    The main span of the glass bridge was 430 meters. One spans the canyon. The bridge deck was 375 meters long and 6 meters wide. The bridge deck was about 300 meters from the bottom. Style Arts participated in the production of the 50-meter bridge pier of the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge--TCP rockwork, from the design development of the project to the construction of the steel structure and the construction of the steel mesh.

    The artistic effect of the TCP rockwork was integrated with the overall landscape of Zhangjiajie naturally. Achieving a strong support point for the 430-meter spanning bridge, the terrain of Zhangjiajie is steep and the construction is difficult, and the excellent expression and perfect completion of the project is enough to illustrate our design, technology, and on-site construction capabilities.

    Jungle Roller Coaster of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(TCP)
    TCP wood-imitation Appearance,In this project, we used 3D model and 3D printing technology to analyse the structure and used TCP sculpting craft to achieve the trunk texture .

    For the Beijing Universal Studios project, our company conducted close academic discussions and cooperation with Dr. Feng Peng from the Institute of Non-metallic Materials of Tsinghua University.

    Through the innovative development of a new material UHPC, the use of BIM system design and demonstration of ingenious structural design, the perfect solution to the difficulty of the hotel dome construction: At an altitude of 50-60 meters, the dome is made of non-metallic materials (to avoid interference to the radar station), FRP is used as the structural rib, and the 12-meter-long single-chip UHPC product is used to complete the shape.

    After many discussions, practice and support from Chinese and American consultants and experts, the verification was completed and was highly recognized by the owner.